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Infantrymen of “Dacia” Brigade Celebrate the Unit’s Day

CHISINAU, February 24, 2018 — “For 26 years, the service members of ‘Dacia’ made us proud by the way they understood their missions and fulfilled their duty. The history of the National Army is linked with their name — ‘Dacia’ was the first unit established at the beginning of 1992. The independence of our country is linked with their name — the brigade’s service members were among the first who were mobilized to fight in the Dniester War. Their name is also linked with the honorable representation of the Republic of Moldova in international peacekeeping missions.”

The statement was made by Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza during the ceremony celebrating the 26th anniversary of “Dacia” Brigade organized in the Independence Square from Cahul. The event was attended by representatives of the Commanding Officer Corps of the Ministry of Defense and National Army General Staff, local public administration, veterans, pupils, locals, military, and civilians.

Eugen Sturza congratulated the Brigade’s staff and mentioned the excellent service of the unit’s military and civilians within different local activities. “The service members of ‘Dacia’ Brigade participated in the liquidation of the consequences of the snowfall of last year’s spring, disposed of explosive objects, pesticides and chemicals in the affected areas. I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that you can continue to rely on the infantrymen’s support in the same way you can rely on the support of the entire National Army. We have always been, are and will be by your side, dear citizens”, said Minister Sturza.

The Minister of Defense also mentioned the reformation of the defense institution which means that the Brigade’s service members, as well as the entire National Army staff, will participate in more international exercises and missions. “These missions require allegiance, knowledge, and dedication and I trust that together we will be able to achieve our goals with professionalism and commitment”, stated Eugen Sturza.

During the event, a group of service members and civilians received National Army diplomas and medals.

The ceremony also included a troops’ march followed by military vehicles, wrestling exercises and a musical program presented by the military orchestra.

“Dacia” Brigade from Cahul was founded on February 24, 1992 by Decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

On February 23, President of the Republic of Moldova, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Igor Dodon, decorated the unit with the State Order “Credinta Patriei” (Loyalty to Motherland), 1st class.

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