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The Fifth Class of the National Security and Defense Postgraduate Course

CHISINAU, April 20, 2018 — The graduation ceremony of the National Security and Defense Postgraduate Course was held today at the Ministry of Defense.

National Army Commander, Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie awarded the 35 representatives of the academic environment, State dignitaries, civil servants (including with special status), representatives of non-governmental organizations, press institutions and civil society, political parties’ members the Course’s graduation diploma and badge.

Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie mentioned the importance of the studies for both military and civilian staff responsible for the development of State’s security and defense policies. “It is essential for the Ministry of Defense and the National Army Commanding Corps to make the sector we are managing largely known and understood by public opinion. This is why we have been organizing fact-finding visits in the military units and spread, in a very accessible way, the information concerning the reformation process, the objectives and challenges of the sector”, said Igor Cutie.

The Defense attaché of Romania, Col. Cristi-Mitica Ladaniuc, graduate of the National Security and Defense Postgraduate Course, appreciated the professionalism of the Academy’s professors and invited lecturers — members of diplomatic corps and experts who added value to the course through their contribution.

“This course changed our perspective regarding the issue of national security and helped us understand that we cannot obtain results without including this sector in any country’s system”, said Col. Ladaniuc.

According to LTC (r) Igor Sofronescu, pro-rector of the Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun”, the course was held during January-April, 2018 and aimed to familiarize the civil servants and military from the central organs of military command with the current problems of the national security and to train them to perform leadership duties in institutions responsible for national defense and security.

The source specified that the studies included subjects related to military-political systems and doctrines, good governance and strategic leadership, national and international security, information warfare, international humanitarian law, civilian-military relations and other relevant topics.

LTC Sofronescu added that, for the first time, two military diplomats — defense attaches of Romania and Ukraine — chose to attend this course. Also for the first time the students paid fact-finding visits to military education institutions from Brasov, Bucharest, and Odessa.

This is the fifth class of the National Security and Defense Postgraduate Course organized by the Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun”.

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