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Artillery Unit and Signal Battalion Celebrate Unit’s Day

CHISINAU, April 21, 2018 — The Artillery Unit and the Signal Battalion celebrated today their 26th anniversaries during ceremonies held in Ungheni and Chisinau that were attended by National Army Commanding Corps, veterans, and former commanders.

In Chisinau, Deputy Chief of National Army General Staff for operations and training, Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, highlighted the importance of the Signal Battalion that contributes to the organization and efficient functioning of the National Army’s communication systems and the high level of training of the sector’s specialists.

During the ceremony, Col. Ohladciuc awarded diplomas to a group of service members for their merits and professional skill.

In Ungheni, National Army Commander, Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie, appreciated the Artillery Unit’s performance during military activities and activities held by the local community and mentioned the professionalism and commitment of the military and civilian staff while fulfilling their missions.

“The service members from Ungheni represent with dignity the National Army in the central part of the country. They are professional officers and NCOs who have voluntarily chosen the military career. They know their job and are always showing their support to local public authorities and citizens. They are an example for the young generation — the future defenders of our country”, said Gen. Cutie.

The ceremony in Ungheni included wrestling and weapon handling exercises, an exhibition of military vehicles, weapons, and equipment, as well as a music program performed by local artists. Also, a group of service members received merit diplomas.

The Artillery Unit was established on April 19, 1992.

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