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Defense Policy and Planning Directorate


The Defence Policy and Planning Directorate’s mission is to coordinate the process of the development, monitoring and evaluation of sectoral, intersectoral and national policies, as centralized specialized body, to ensure defence policy implementation and integrated defence planning, as well as to coordinate international political-military cooperation.

Colonel Alexandru HAREA — telephone: 022 25 2050;



The Defence Policy and Planning Directorate acts as the main interface of the Ministry of Defence with other central and local government bodies, as well as with other institutions and organizations from the country and abroad on military policy issues, within the competence granted by the Minister of Defence.

The Defence Policy and Planning Directorate has the following main functions and duties:

  • developing (adjusting) monitoring and implementing national and departmental policies regarding national defence;
  • coordinating the process of public policies development, initiated by MoD departments or other central public authorities;
  • examining and approving draft policy documents, legislation and regulations, as well as documents containing the results of the evaluation of the policies developed by other internal divisions;
  • representing, within the invested authority, the MoD interests within international activities, based on the existing treaties and agreements, develops cooperation relations with similar organizations and institutions from other countries as well as other interested international bodies;
  • developing ministerial guidance regarding policies, legal limitations, force protection, risks and threats to national security;
  • developing and monitoring implementation of the directive subsidiary documents in defence planning, defence resources and international cooperation;
  • developing, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of defence planning process;
  • monitoring the implementation of Partnership Goals;
  • monitoring the implementation of external technical assistance programs;
  • coordinating the planning of defence resources with existing national budget plans;
  • establishing strategic objectives and prioritizing directions for international cooperation on defence;
  • planning, monitoring and evaluating international cooperation activities on defence;
  • monitoring the activity of military attaches accredited to the Republic of Moldova, Office of Defence Cooperation of the USA in the Republic of Moldova and ensuring the interaction of those with MoD and National Army General Staff;
  • managing the activity of the military attachés of the Republic of Moldova abroad and military representatives of the Republic of Moldova to the international specialized bodies and structures.


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