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Public Relations Service


The Public Relations Service (SRP) is a public information and media relations unit charged with active and regular promotion and defense of National Army values by providing prompt public information on the Ministry's of Defense activity to citizens and public information organizations.       


The Public Relations Service activity focuses on the establishment, maintenance and development of good relations between the Ministry of Defense, as a public institution, and Republic of Moldova citizens. During peacetime, the Public Relations Service shall provide official, timely and accurate information to support the military institution under consideration. During crisis situations and wartime, the service shall offer regular, timely and accurate information about the Armed Forces’ activity and operations to the audience in order to get all the needed support for carrying out military operations.    
The public information activity of the Ministry of Defense is regulated by Information Access Law No. 982 – XIV as of 11.05.2000 and the Public Relations Service Regulations. 

Public information principles of the Ministry of Defense

By releasing accurate and timely information, the Ministry of Defense intends to make the audience, army staff, mass-media, governmental and nongovernmental organizations think over and understand the issues of national defense and security area.
Thus, the public information activity shall be consistent with the following principles:
1.Republic of Moldova Constitution provisions on citizens’ right to information shall be observed.
2.Mass-media and other agencies’ and individuals’ information requests shall be fully and promptly fulfilled if it is not classified military information.    
3.The army personnel and their family members shall be regularly provided accurate public military and general information.
4.The information shall not be referred to as classified or kept from reaching the audience to protect the military institution of critics or other bothersome situations.
5.The Public Relations Service shall refuse releasing information only if this has a negative impact on national security and defense sector, military and civil staff safety and privacy.
6. The Ministry’s of Defense public information policy is out of any propaganda.

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