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Military Medical Service


The mission of the Military Medical Service of the Ministry of Defense is to implement, coordinate, and monitor the policies in the medical sector, to modernize, implement, and supervise the quality of medical services offered to conscripts, service members/citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Locotenent-colonel-medic Ivan PETCOV — telefon de contact: 022 25 23 61;


The Service is the medical unit responsible for coordinating the development process of the policies in the healthcare sector, as well as for monitoring the implementation of national healthcare policies. It organizes and develops healthcare policies and strategies within the Ministry of Defense. It establishes the primary courses of activity of the military medical institutions of the Ministry of Defense and of the National Army medical service’s units. The Service coordinates and monitors the provision of medical services in compliance with the normative acts in force. It monitors the implementation of prophylactic and treatment measures, promotes the healthy lifestyle, and diminishes risk factors’ ways of action. The Service supervises the execution of the requirements of the legislation in force, regulations, orders, directives, and instructions in the medical sector.

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