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Special Operations Troops Hold Antiterrorism Exercise

CHISINAU, December 1, 2011 — Fulger Special Operations Battalion of the National Army took part Tuesday, November 29, in the Anti Terrorism Exercise “Special Forces — 2011”, carried out by the Antiterrorist Center of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) on Straseni district territory.

The exercise brought together a few specialized troops such as: “Alfa” Special Operations of SIS, troops of the State Security Guard Service of the country, troops of Fulger Special Operations Police Brigade, Carabineer Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Fulger Special Operations Battalion of the National Army.

The scenario included an ambuscade organized by a paramilitary group and its annihilation by the special operations troops. According to the plan, the cars of an official delegation were attacked by a group of extremists on an international road. To get a ransom demand and release from detention a few members of the group, the extremists took hostages by means of some measures of attack. However, their attempt failed because the task force had carried out a successful antiterrorist operation of hostage release and terrorist neutralization.

Sources from the Antiterrorist Center stated the “Special Forces 2011” exercise represented a means of checking the readiness of the Special Forces during crisis situations and increasing interoperability of national special counter-terrorism forces.

The organizers also pointed out the exercise focused mainly on the antiterrorist operation management task group activity, control of special technical means used within antiterrorist actions, improvement of operational potential of special forces and the psychological readiness of the staff of these force structures for achieving counter-terrorism goal in extreme conditions.

The antiterrorist exercise “Special Forces — 2011” is part of the activity program dealing with the implementation of national counter-terrorism policies. The major goal of such actions relies on the improvement of interaction among the authorities and the control of the unipersonal management capacities of forces and means engaged in counter-terrorism operations.

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