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Military Student Dead in Car Accident

CHISINAU, December 5, 2011 — A student of Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy died and four military student and an officer were injured today morning in a car crash at the entrance of Chisinau.

The victim is the 22-year-old E 3 Alexandru Fistic, a forth-year student of the Carabineer Department of the Military Academy. His parents, Sergiu and Viorica Fistic, live in Sofia village, Drochia. Both of them are current working abroad.

The injured people are: Capt. Nicolae Sendrea and students Eugen Bivziuc, Veaceslav Ciornii, Denis Rusu and Dorin Zabrian.

Fistic, who was driving the car at the moment of the accident, died on the very place because of the serious traumas after the impact. The injured ones were transported to the Emergency Hospital by an ambulance.

The accident was held at 4:30 a.m., at the entrance of Chisinau, on the road between the Airport and Dacia Avenue. Fistic was driving the car VOLVO and hit the billboard placed on the edge of the road. As a result, the driver and the passengers were thrown on the road through the windscreen. Nobody knows yet whether they had their safety belts fastened.

A passer-by called the police and the ambulance. The victims were taken to hospital. At 5:25 a.m, they were hospitalized with different kind of traumas.

Student Dorin Zabrian, who had a light brain concussion, was examined by the emergency doctors and taken to the Central Military Hospital for additional examination and treatment.

Alexandru Fistic was the legal owner of the car. He had his driving license for four years. The driver and his passenger were coming back to the Military Academy after a few-day leave.

The accident is currently under investigation. The Ministry of Defense is deeply sorry for the tragic accident and sends its condolences to the family of the military student Alexandru Fistic dead in the above car crash.

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