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Deputy Prime Minister Moldovanu Visits Negresti EOD Engineers

CHISINAU, December 8, 2011 — Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Moldovanu visited Wednesday, December 7, Codru EOD Battalion from Negresti village, Straseni.

As the Chairman of the National Army Conscription Board, Mihai Moldovanu, along with Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta, checked the living conditions, food and military training of soldiers conscripted this autumn to Codru unit.

The Commander of the battalion, Maj. Ruslan Cojocari, informed the Deputy Prime Minister about the adjustment of young soldiers to the military living and training requirements in the first few months spent in the army. Cojocari stated that, compared to the past few years, the number of young people who graduated from industrial schools and colleges had considerably grown.

The Deputy Prime Minister appreciated the military authorities’ activity and their great effort in the development of Codru Battalion infrastructure.

“I highly appreciate the effort of the military command on maintaining and developing a high level of living for young soldiers. The training of staff in this unit is of good quality and the fact the members of the battalion fulfill their tasks successfully increases the National Army image in the society”.

Codru EOD Battalion is the first unit to be awarded the state order “Fidelity to the Homeland”, first class, through a presidential decree. The battalion was established October 16, 1992. One of the core missions of the unit relies on research, discovery, identification, neutralization, transportation and disposal of explosive devices discovered on Republic of Moldova territory.

This year, the EOD engineers carried out 140 explosive disposal missions and liquidated 1350 explosives. Since its foundation, the EOD staff was engaged in over 1000 disposal missions all over the country and liquidated nearly 18 thousand explosive devices.

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