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National Army Makes Progress with Low Budget

CHISINAU, December 12, 2011 — The National Army has successfully fulfilled all its 2011 missions and developed with a low budget, Republic of Moldova Interim President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Marian Lupu, stated Monday, December 12, at the Ministry’s of Defense Military Council.

The head of state said the leadership of the country highly appreciated the National Army servicemen’s activity both inside and outside the country.

“The National Army has progressed this year, although this process took time because of lack of financial resources”, the Supreme Commander stated, pointing out the army’s dependence on the state financial condition.

Marian Lupu specified discipline and respect of military regulations should be improved in the National Army because of the infringements recorded in the National Army in 2011“, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces stated.

The Minister of Defense said the National Army had successfully fulfilled its missions regardless of the crisis budget conditions.

“The Ministry’s of Defense budget covered only a part of the army’s needs. However, the Ministry of Defense made the defense area progress by deeds, and not by sayings”, Vitalie Marinuta pointed out.

The Ministry of Defense revealed the fact the old military Soviet-based clothes were replaced by an elegant and comfortable military uniform.

“The combat and dress uniforms changed. Moreover, the parade uniform, as well as the special uniform for hot climate areas while in missions, was created for officers,” the Minister of Defense specified.

According to the Defense Minister, the marching style has changed due to the Ministry’s of Defense and other force structures’ efforts.

“We gave up the Soviet-based marching. Thus, according to the marching form and content, the National Army resembles Western armies, for this is a European-based marching already”, Vitalie Marinuta stated.

The official also stated that, on August 27, the Ministry of Defense organized the greatest military parade with military technical equipment of the Republic of Moldova history. According to Vitalie Marinuta, one more major achievement of the 2011 years was the endorsement of the National Security Strategy. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense started developing the National Defense Strategy. This document is currently examined by the inline ministries and soon, it will be submitted for examination and approval to decision-making factors.

The Interim Chief of Main Staff, Brigadier Gen. Vitalie Stoian, stated that, except the training of staff for fulfilling their missions, the National Army recorded great achievements in term of ammunition disposal. Thus, according to the expired aircraft bomb disposal project, the National Army EOD engineers destroyed 106 aircraft bombs. The engineers were engaged in 222 explosive disposal missions and destroyed 2207 explosive devices.

Gen. Stoian added the National Army had also destroyed pesticides stored on the Republic of Moldova territory. For instance, the EOD engineers prepared for the removal and liquidation of 200 tons of pesticides stored in Ocnita, Causeni and Cantemir districts. It is worth mentioning there are nearly 5949 tons more left on the territory of the country. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense negotiates with different international organizations that would contribute funds to the pesticide disposal process.

As for international operations, the National Army deployed seven officers to UN-led missions in Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia and Sudan. The flying and technical personnel of the Air Forces take part in UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan) mission. National Army experts recorded 370 flight hours and carried out different logistics, evacuation and emergency air transportation missions this year.

The agenda of the Ministry’s of Defense Military Council consisted of three defense-based reports, including the summing-up report of the National Army 2011 activities, the evaluation of 2011 defense policies and the 2012 defense policy activity of leading structures, main units and military units.

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