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JCB Tiraspol Delegation Impedes Resolution of Illegal Checkpoints Problem in the Security Area

CHISINAU, December 14, 2011 — The discussions during the Joint Control Board meeting regarding the illegal border guards and migration checkpoints installed by Tiraspol structure haven’t progressed yet. At the JCB meeting held December 13, 2011, the Transnistrian delegation refused to discuss upon the joint proposals of the JCB members about the above problem and methods to overcome the existent crisis. The Transnistrian delegation keeps decreasing the role and competency of JCB in making a decision on the removal of the illicit checkpoints.

The Republic of Moldova JCB delegation issued some persuasive arguments according to which both the Conflict Peaceful Settlement Agreement concluded July 21, 1992, as well as the JCB Regulations and Statute reveal the responsibility of the Board to maintain security and public order in the Security Area. Thus, the Board cooperates only with the peacekeeping forces, police and militia. The Republic of Moldova delegation’s position is also supported by the Russian, Ukrainian and OSCE Mission delegations to Moldova.

The JCB Deputy Chairperson on behalf of the Republic of Moldova, Ion Solonenco, pointed out that through this behavior, the Trasnistrian JCB delegation ignores the Joint Declaration signed by Prime Minister of Moldova, Vlad Filat, and the Tiraspol leader, Igor Smirnov, November 21, 2011, in Bender. Point 2 of this document reveals the availability of the parties to solve the created situation in compliance with the existent documents and the decisions of the Joint Control Board. Moreover, the document states the parties should keep back from disturbing the situation in the Security Area and do their best to remove the existent barriers in term of movements of people, goods and services.

The extraordinary meeting of the Joint Control Board will go on Thursday, December 15, 2011, at 10 a.m., in Dubasari. The Republic of Moldova delegation has already prepared a few proposals meant to improve the situation in the Security Area.

Written by: Public Affairs Service of the Republic of Moldova delegation within JCB

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