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Defense Minister Meets With the US Deputy Secretary of State

CHISINAU, December 16, 2011 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta met Friday, December 16, with the US Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control, Rose Gottemoeller.

The Ministry of Defense and the Us Deputy Secretary of State talked about the arms control issue, as well as the further control of conventional arms in Europe.

The official exchanged views about the fulfillment of international responsibilities assumed by the Republic of Moldova, mainly focusing on the measures taken by the Republic of Moldova in the framework of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.

Thus, Minister Marinuta pointed out that, during 2011-2011, Republic of Moldova hosted nearly 60 delegations in charge of inspecting weaponry on the territory of Moldova and a little in the Transnistrian region.

“The control inspection teams working in the Republic of Moldova in compliance with the international treaties have no access to the Transnistrian region. Since the Transnistrian conflict had not been settled yet, Republic of Moldova is not able to fulfill all its responsibilities in term of weapons control”, the Minister of Defense stated.

During the meeting, Vitalie Marinuta also spoke about the problem of ammunition stored in the Transnistrian region. The Defense Minister stated the Cobasna ammunition warehouse is currently a high risk for the local population. Moreover, the minister wants the Russian weapons and ammunition to be removed in compliance with the international decisions.

The US Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control appreciated the openness and transparency of Moldova in the weapons control area.

“As for the control of conventional weapons, Moldova is one of the countries obeying the international requirements”, Rose Gottemoeller stated. “I highly appreciate the exchange of views with the Chisinau authorities in this area and I believe this relationship becomes more successful in future”.

The US Deputy Secretary of State has come to Chisinau as part of a work tour to Belgium, Great Britain, Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova during December 11-16. This visit is a follow up of the US and other 14 NATO countries withdrawal from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe as compared to Russia. Moscow gave up the treaty in 2007, after refusing to remove its troops from the Transnistrian region, as agreed in 1999.

Rose Gottemoeller was sworn in as the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control on April 6, 2009. She was the chief negotiator of the follow on for the Strategic Arms Reductions Treaty otherwise known as the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) with the Russian Federation.

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