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Holiday Gifts for Two Large Families

CHISINAU, December 28, 2011 — Two large families from Floresti and Chisinau were offered holiday gifts as charity on behalf of the Ministry of Defense for employees with many children.

In the first case, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta gave Fetescu Family from Lunga village, Floresti, an automatic washing machine and sweets for their six children. In the second case, Cociubai family from Chisinau was offered an automatic washing machine that would make their and their eight children’s life easier.

“The social protection of our staff is a priority for us. We decided to help these large families, because we want them to feel happy and hope for a better life on the New Year’s Eve”, the Defense Minister stated. “It is very hard to have a large family today and raise so many children. That’s why we decided these families need our help”, Vitalie Marinuta pointed out.

The two families from Floresti and Chisinau thanked the Minister of Defense for care and appreciated the fact that the gifts offered on these holidays is a good proof the Ministry of Defense is always concerned about its employees.

“Thank you from the depth of our heart for the gifts. We wish you happy holidays and may God always protect you and your family”, Ludmila Fetescu, mother of five children, from Lunga village, said.

Vasile Fetescu, father of five children, from Lunga village works at Marculesti Air Base. Tatiana Cociubai, mother of eight children, from Chisinau, is a nurse at the Central Military Hospital.

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