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Ministry of Defense Enhances Cooperation with Local Authorities

CHISINAU, December 28, 2011 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta met in Balti with the representatives of the local public authorities from the Northern part of the country.

The Minister of Defense discussed with the presidents and deputy presidents of the districts about the recruits’ enlistment in the Armed Forces, military patriotic education of youth and military reform.

During his visit to Moldova Light Brigade, the Defense Minister focused on the defense and security goals of the Republic of Moldova Government.

Vitalie Marinuta spoke about the National Army’s contribution to the removal and liquidation of pesticides on the territory of the country, the need to trade the National Army assets and cooperation with NATO and OSCE international organizations.

The representatives of the local public authorities took advantage of the visit to Moldova Brigade and acquainted with the infrastructure of the unit. They familiarized with the living conditions and military training process and visited the classrooms, the military barrack, the sports hall and the canteen of the brigade.

The leaders of the Northern districts of the country brought fruits and sweets to the soldiers of the unit. They talked to the active duty soldiers about the difficulties they had faced while in the army. The authorities were happy to find out their young men always fulfill their duties with success.

The meeting of Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta with the local public authorities from the North of the country enhanced mutual communication and cooperation between the parties.

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