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First Graduates of Special Forces Qualification Course

CHISINAU, December 29, 2011 — The interim Chief of Main Staff, National Army Commander, Brigadier Gen. Vitalie Stoian handed out the graduation diplomas and the Special Forces and Green Beret name plates to the graduates of the Special Forces Qualification Course held for the first time in the National Army .

The ceremony was held at the Special Forces Battalion HQ from the Military Compound 142.

The Commander of the National Army congratulated the 9 graduates of the course pointing out their contribution to the development of the Moldovan Special Operations unit. Stoian told the servicemen who hadn’t had the chance to graduate the course that only those who can lose the game today, may win it tomorrow, if they have the necessary commitment and courage. The Commander encouraged them to test their competences next time.

According to the Commander of the Special Operations Battalion, Maj. Radu Burduja, the Special Forces course lasted for 13 weeks and consisted of four stages. The servicemen attended the small unit tactics course, special tactics, military topography, physical training and planning process. They also learned some advanced shooting techniques, were trained and patented as military paratroopers and practiced a few complex exercises typical of Special Forces missions.

Maj. Burduja specified that in 7 of the 13 weeks of the course, the staff had to make great physical and psychic effort, not to sleep, with limited food (in compliance with the Special Forces Qualification Course Rules), carrying out missions 24/24 hours.

24 servicemen of the Special Operations Battalion were selected for the Special Force Qualification Course, but only 9 resisted till the end. About 75% of the servicemen who did not graduate the course gave up because of the physical and psychic overload. The other 25% failed the tests for different stages of the course.

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