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Youth from Chisinau Join the Military

CHISINAU, January 17, 2012 — Over 100 young men from Chisinau were enrolled Tuesday, January 17, in the National Army.

Sources from the Military Center of Chisinau (MCC) stated the recruits would be distributed to Balti and Cahul Military Training Centers today. According to the military service program, they will start attending a six-week initial military training course. At the end, they will be sent to Cahul, Balti, Ungheni and Chisinau military units for a mandatory military service.

“In Balti and Cahul, the recruits will be acquainted with the military living and training conditions. They will study the military regulations, the weapons and the military technical equipment. The conscripts enrolled today in Chisinau will hold their first shooting exercises and will learn survival lessons in field conditions”, the Deputy Commander of MCC, Maj. Octavian Druta, stated.

The enrollment load for October 2011 — January 2012 was 2300 recruits. In this period of time, 1300 young men were enlisted in the National Army and 730 — the Carabineer Troops.

Last year, young men were accepted in the army during May — June and November — December. This year, the conscription process will cover April — July and October — January periods. The term of enrollment was extended at the Ministry’s of Defense proposal. The initiative was approved by the Legislative Body of the country in order to get a higher quality medical analysis of the recruits’ health condition.

According to the national legislation, the mandatory military service in the Republic of Moldova lasts 12 months.

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