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Decorations for the Promotion of Patriotic Values

CHISINAU, January 24, 2012 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta decorated a group of veterans and representatives of the civil society and church within a ceremony held Tuesday, January 24, at the Ministry of Defense HQ.

According to Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, Chief of Personnel Directorate, the decorations were awarded for high appreciation and recognition of efforts in promoting military-patriotic values in 2011. The source pointed out that all the people to contribute to that were awarded the Recognition badge and “Serve the Fatherland” Medal.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated the term of patriotism needs to be rehabilitated in the Moldovan society and the National Army’s duty is to educate the young generation to be committed to their nation, country, customs, history, national symbols and ideals.

“Military patriotic education is very important from many points of view, because it raises youth patriotic awareness and develops the sense of responsibility for their country”, the Minister of Defense stated. Therefore, I am really grateful to all the people who contributed to the promotion of military patriotic values. I am sure we will find all the necessary resources together and prove commitment for promoting military traditions and national values like we did before“.

Last year, a lot of military patriotic activities were carried out in the Republic of Moldova, including “The Recruit’s Day”, “Doors Open Day”, “Unique Conscription Day”, “Military Oath”, the Republican Military Sports Competition, and others.

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