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National Army Deploys Contingent to Germany

CHISINAU, January 30, 2012 — The true military skills are gained in training areas, and not in barracks, the Republic of Moldova interim president, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Marian Lupu, stated during a military ceremony held Monday, January 30, at the Ministry of Defense HQ.
The ceremony was dedicated to the deployment of the National Army contingent to the “Mission Rehearsal Exercise”. The event brought together Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta and the US Ambassador to Republic of Moldova, William H. Moser.
During the event, the Supreme Commander got acquainted with the military contingent wishing them success in the exercise. The President discussed with the officers about the personnel readiness, the military equipment and missions they are to fulfill. At the end, the official made a photo along with the leadership and military staff of the army.
On Tuesday, January 31, the National Army will deploy 120 professionals to the exercise held at Hohenfels Military Training Ground from Germany. They will take part in tactical and staff level missions. The Moldovan servicemen will work with other nations’ army members in patrol, convoy, transportation and support operations. The goal of the exercise is to evaluate the military readiness for the rotation of troops within international missions.
“The defense and security area has to develop and the National Army servicemen should acquire new knowledge and experience, for nobody can get enrich his experience by staying in barracks. Our servicemen will get new experience and skills by cooperating with the military forces of other countries participating in the exercise with a focus on the peacekeeping abilities”, the interim president Marian Lupu said.
The “Mission Rehearsal Exercise” is conducted by the European Command of the US Marine Corps. All the expenses for the National Army contingent’s participation in the exercise, as well as the transportation, accommodation and per diem allowance of servicemen will be covered by the United States European Command.
“This exercise will help the Moldovan military staff to strengthen their capabilities and develop new skills within international operations”, the US Ambassador to Republic of Moldova, William H. Moser, stated. The official thinks the above exercise is a unique experience for the National Army staff.
Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta pointed out the peacekeepers’ professional development is a priority of the National Army and our servicemen will represent the Republic of Moldova with much honor.
“According to the National Army Development Plans, the peacekeeping units are to be appreciated this year for carrying out international operations. Therefore, I am sure this exercise will raise our contingent’s readiness for reaching this goal”, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated referring to the military contingent deployed to Germany.
The National Army is part of the “Mission Rehearsal Exercise” for the first time. The contingent will be back to the Republic of Moldova Sunday, February 26.

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