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Stability – Security Area Priority

CHISINAU, March 1, 2012 — At the March 1 regular meeting, the Joint Control Commission members hardly approved the daily agenda of the meeting. However, our delegation managed to include in the agenda the issue related to the potential destabilization of the situation in the central part of the Security Area. The issue is related to the events held on March 2, when the Moldovan population marked the 20th anniversary since the Dniester conflict.

During the JCC meeting, the Transnistrian delegation had a non-constructive attitude, ignoring the joint appeal of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and OSCE Mission as of February 16, 2012.

To develop a decision of compromise, the Russian, Ukrainian and OSCE delegations within JCC submitted a demand meant to counter conflicts in the Security Area. The statement aroused negative comments and attitude on behalf of Tiraspol. Hence, Taras Krempovici, Ukrainian delegation member, specified the Transnistrian delegation had misinterpreted again the efforts of those willing to maintain stability in the Security Area. Ion Solonenco, JCC Deputy Chairperson, pointed out the parties should not forget about the role of Ukraine in this case, which acts as a guarantee state. Thus, we should accept the demands and decisions adopted by the countries that play this kind of role in this situation, if we want to maintain stability in the region.

Given the fact some conflicts may arouse in Corjova village in this situation, our JCB delegation pledged for the establishment of commander and military observers in that region. They would counter some potential incidents and the peacekeeping forces would keep the situation under control. At the end of the meeting, the JCC members gave some recommendations to improve peacekeepers’ activity in the central part of the Security Area.

Republic of Moldova Delegation within the Joint Control Commission

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