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Military Conscription – Achievements and Difficulties

CHISINAU, March 6, 2012 — The Republic of Moldova Government military conscription assignment was fully accomplished. The information was presented by the Head of the Personnel Directorate of the National Army Main Staff Tuesday, March 6, during the summing-up meeting of the administrative military structures’ activity in 2011, held at the Ministry of Defense HQ.

According to Col. Ohladciuc, 3720 young men were enlisted in 2011, including 2300 — in the National Army, 1300 — Carabineer Troops and 120 — Border Guard Service.

The report presented during the meeting also shows that, of the total number of young men conscripted to military service in this period of time, 85.1% are Moldovans, 6.3% — Ukrainians, 3.4% — Gagauz citizens, 2.9% — Russian citizens, and 2.1% — members of other nationalities.

The data also point out 72.3% of young conscripts come from villages and 27.6% — from cities. As for the quality indicator, the number of recruits with college, high school and industrial school diplomas has increased this year, as compared to the last year. Thus, according to the level of studies, 4.3% of the enlisted men graduated from colleges, 54% — high schools and industrial schools, and 40% — schools.

Col. Ohladciuc made a review of the difficulties encountered during the military conscription campaign. Thus, the report pointed out the shallowness of regional medical military boards’ activity, migration of youth and the wrong preparation of dossiers.

At the meeting, the chairperson of the central medical military expertise board, LTC Tatiana Tighineanu stated the number of young conscripts released from the Armed Forces because of health reasons decreased last year. Thus, in 2010, 190 young soldiers were released and in 2011 — 153 young men left the army because of health. Tighineanu also specified the number of enlisted men having health disorders before conscription decreased from 131 in 2010 to 108 in 2011. This is due to the high quality examination of the recruits in military centers, the high level of qualification of doctors working within these boards, as well as the enhancement of cooperation with the Ministry of Health Care.

According to the national legislation, military conscription is held four times a year. The Military service in the Armed Forces lasts 12 months.

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