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Vitalie Marinuta: “I am honored to salute the soldier that has successfully completed his peacekeeping mission”

CHISINAU, July 10, 2012 — “I put on the military uniform today to salute myself, as a retired general, the common soldier that has successfully completed his peacekeeping mission”, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated during a rotation ceremony of the National Army peacekeeping contingent deployed to the Security Area in the Eastern districts of the Republic of Moldova.

The Minister of Defense stated that preparing contingents for military service in the Peacekeeping Forces will be always a prior goal for the National Army leadership despite the Republic of Moldova authorities’ interest to change the current format of peacekeepers in the Easter part of the country into international civil observers.

“As long as this format exists, we are committed to prepare contingents for these units from all points of view, for they are in charge of maintaining stability in the Security Area day by day. Today, we make the rotation of the contingent. We are confident those about 270 servicemen going home now have successfully completed their mission whom we should be grateful to”, Vitalie Marinuta said at the contingent rotation ceremony held at Moldova Light Infantry Brigade from Balti.

During a military ceremony, the best 20 soldiers that have done the active-duty service for 6 months in the Security Area were awarded diplomas of honor and military insignias. Moreover, their parents were offered letters of gratitude on behalf of the Ministry’s of Defense leadership.

Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, Head of Personnel Division of the National Army Main Staff, nearly 270 conscripts that joined the Moldovan Peacekeeping Units from Cocieri, Cosnita and Varnita had completed at 4-month training at Moldova Brigade Training Site.

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