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Col. David Markowski: „I highly appreciate Moldovan contingent’s professionalism”

Lvov, July 16, 2012 — “I highly appreciate the Moldovan contingent’s professionalism demonstrated within Rapid Trident multinational exercise through years. The knowledge you have in the peacekeeping area is valuable and I am pleased to have you here for the fifth year”, Col. David Markowski, exercise Deputy Director, stated during the opening ceremony of “Rapid Trident 2012” exercise held July 14-28 at Yavorov Training Site, Ukraine.

Col. David Markowski appreciated the Moldovan service members’ performance in international exercises. “I’ve noticed the Moldovan corps of officers in different trainings, including ‘Rapid Trident’ and they certainly do very well. I also had the possibility to meet them in different defense schools”, Markowski said.

Maj. Gen. Veaceslav Nazarkin, first Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Army Land Forces, wished the participants all the best pointing out the role played by each of them in the exercise. The Ukrainian general called the servicemen for cooperation in fulfilling all the peacekeeping missions according to the scenario of the exercise.

During the exercise, the Moldovan servicemen will engage in command and control missions, convoy escort, as well as research and patrol operations.

According to the leader of the National Army contingent, Maj. Vadim Moraru, the concept of Rapid Trident exercise focuses on tactical missions in theaters of operations, as well as staff activities. “This year, the exercise involves the tactical and the main staff element. We contribute two infantry platoons and one scout platoon to field training exercises and eight staff officers working in a multinational brigade as battalion commander, heads of operations and logistics divisions, as well as observers within companies”, Maj. Moraru specified.

“Rapid Trident” exercise brought together about 1500 military men from 16 countries such as: Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Norway, USA, Georgia, Austria, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Germany, Canada, Serbia and Denmark. The National Army of the Republic of Moldova deployed 90 servicemen to this exercise.

“Rapid Trident” is a Partnership for Peace Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise which the National Army joined in 2007. “Rapid Trident” aims to enhance interoperability of multinational troops within peacekeeping operations.

By 1st Lt. Inga Mihailova, Yavorov Training Center, Ukraine

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