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Central Authorities Interested in Military Conscription

CHISINAU, July 25, 2012 — Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Moldovanu traveled to Balti Units to familiarize with the conscription to the National Army.

At Balti Military Territorial Center, the Deputy Prime Minister met with the military staff in charge of conscription, young conscripts, their parents and relatives. Mihai Moldovanu highly appreciated the efforts of the military authorities in making young men ready for the army and providing them with all the necessary supplies for that. The official called the recruits’ parents for cooperation with the military staff. “I call you to stay confident that the army will change your sons’ life for better. Thus, after one year of service, they will come back home in better physical, moral and psychological shape”, Moldovanu told the recruits’ parents and relatives attending the event.

Mihai Moldovanu also visited the Basic Training Center of Moldova Brigade to check the conscription conditions of soldiers, including the document receipt point, personal data gathering point, psychological control, as well as logistics supply points. The Deputy Prime Minister also familiarized with the accommodation, food and military training conditions of soldiers.

The Commander of Moldova Brigade, LTC Valeriu Chilaru, informed the Deputy Prime Minister about the problems soldiers face before getting used to army life and the training process they pass through in the first months of service. “Throughout six weeks of basic training, the young conscripts from Balti, as well as Singerei, Riscani, Gloveni and Falesti districts, will learn basic military elements. Then, they will be sent to military units all over the country. Due to the support of the governmental authorities, the soldiers will have all the necessary conditions and facilities to overcome the psychological and discipline barriers while in the army”, Chilaru specified.

Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, Chief of J1 Personnel Division of Main Staff, stated that in April-July 2012, 1111 young men joined the Armed Forces, including 481 — the National Army and 630 — the Carabineer Troops.

According to the national legislation, military conscription is held four times a year. The military service in the Armed Forces lasts 12 months.

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