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Parachute Jumps at Marculesti

CHISINAU, August 2, 2012 — About 40 service members of Special Forces Battalion of the National Army executed two-day parachute training exercises at Marculesti Airbase. Five conscripts of the unit had their first parachuting experience.

The Commander of Fulger Special Forces Battalion, Maj. Radu Burduja, stated the service members jumped from an AN-2 aircraft of the National Army using MC-5 American-type parachuting systems within an exercise of infiltration through ennemy’s position by air. “The exercise consisted of parachute forced opening procedure, as well as free fall jumps from 1200 and 2000 meter height”, Burduja stated.

The Commander of the Battalion said that this year, there were more resources invested in parachuting training exercises at Marculesti Air Base. “This fact helps us carry out training exercises more often”, Radu Burduja said.

From the beginning of the year, the members of Fulger Battalion performed 400 parachute jumps, including using weapons. The next parachute jumping session from the MC-5 parachuting system with combat equipment will be held in the second decade of September. These activities will engage service members that have completed the Special Force Qualification Course.

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