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National Army Soldiers Take Enlistment Oath

Chisinau, August 24, 2012 — 666 young soldiers, graduates of the initial military training course, took their military oath during an oath ceremony held at Moldova Light Brigade from Balti and Dacia Brigade from Cahul.

The Commander of the Air Force Command, Col. Vadim Cemirtan, who attended the event from Balti, stated taking the oath is one of the most significant events in a soldier’s life, when every young man assumes the responsibility to defend the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova and fulfill his military duty with honor and dignity. “This event shows the fact the young man is already mature and the country considers him able to do his military service for the people’s sake”, Vadim Cermirtan specified.

Col. Cemirtan appreciated the soldiers’ commitment and ambition during the initial military training course. “Due to your self-devotion, diligence and discipline, you overcame the first barriers of a soldier’s life throughout the five-week training, which is a good input for a successful military service in the National Army”, the Commander of the Air Force Command said.

According to the Commander of Moldova Brigade, LTC Valeriu Chilaru, this year, the oath-taking ceremony also marked the graduation of the initial military training course. “During the five-week course, every young soldier got used to army life and studied tactical training techniques, square-bashing, military regulations, physical training and other subjects”, Chilaru stated.

The Commander of Moldova Brigade specified that after the ceremony, the soldiers will be given a four-day leave. As soon as they come back, they will be sent to the National Army units.

The young conscripts were congratulated by their relatives, friends, as well as representatives of Balti and Cahul local public authorities. In Cahul, the guests of the ceremony watched watched some techniques of firearm assembly and disassembly, as well as a program of wrestling exercises. At the end, they were familiarized with the soldiers’ living conditions and military technical equipment of Balti and Cahul Brigade.

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