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Chinese and Moldovan Armies Enhance Bilateral Cooperation

Beijing, September 13, 2012 — The cooperation relationship between the armies of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Moldova have developed and will keep developing for there exist all the necessary conditions for that, the Defense Ministers Liang Guanglie and Vitalie Marinuta stated during a bilateral meeting in Beijing.

At the official meeting, Ministers Liang and Marinuta discussed about the current Moldovan-Chinese defense relationship, pointing to their considerable development over the last period of time. They also pointed out the cooperation in the military education and medical area, as well as the exchange of experience in the communications and information technology domains.

Minister Liang Guanglie also specified the Chinese party encourages the development of some mutually-profitable relations with the Republic of Moldova in all the fields, including defense. “I think we can conduct the joint training of our servicemen from the peacekeeping units to insure interoperability development during UN-led humanitarian missions or relief operations. The latest events from different areas prove the fact that servicemen are the most efficient force to interfere and help people in need”, the Chinese Minister of Defense said.

Vitalie Marinuta thanked the Beijing authorities for the support provided to the Republic of Moldova, including in the defense area. According to the Moldovan Defense Minister, the cooperation between the armies supports both, defense institutions of China and Moldova, as well as the people of the two states. Vitalie Marinuta specified that, due to the grants provided by the Chinese party over the past few years, some projects meant to improve the educational programs of Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy students, as well as servicemen of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion have been implemented. Moreover, some medical equipment and ambulances offered by the Chinese Army are used by the Moldovan peacekeeping forces from the Security Area of the Republic of Moldova.

During the talks, the Defense Ministries of China and Moldovan exchanged opinions about the regional and world security, political, economical and military achievements in different regions. Vitalie Marinuta and Liang Guanglie also discussed about the training of peacekeeping forces, their role in real missions in different theatres of operations. Therefore, the Chinese party showed its interest for the Moldovans’ participation in such kind of operations both, within military contingents and as observers.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuţa pays an official visit to the People’s Republic of China September 10-15, at the invitation of his counterpart Liang Guanglie. The agenda consists of bilateral meetings with the leaders of the Chinese Defense Ministry, Guo Boxing, Deputy Chairperson of the PRC Central Military Commission, visits to the military districts of Shanghai and Shaanxi, as well as the familiarization with the educational program of the Peacekeeping Training Center and the National Defense University.

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