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Corjova Problem - Hopeless

Chisinau, September 13, 2012 — At the meeting of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) as of September 13, the parties examined only the report of the Joint Military Command issued at the last meeting. The other issues included in the agenda were postponed.

The problem regarding the confiscation of the seal and state flag in Corjova on March 2, 2010, has aroused conflicts again because of the position of the Transnistrian delegation, for they want to prove as always they are a force and only the JCC decisions accepted by the local governing system are obeyed. Although the members of the Republic of Moldova delegation addressed to the JCC members to give the state signs back to the legal administration of Corjova commune, the problem has not been solved yet. Moreover, this issue has been also ignored by other JCC members too.

The members of our delegation specified they are trying to solve the problem related to the establishment of illegal checkpoints in the Security Area. There is even an attempt to call other JCC members to support the checkpoint establishment legalization problem. This is a great violation of the 1992 and 1998 agreements, as well as JCC decisions. Moreover, by these actions, they want to prove world community they are a state.

During the meeting, Maj. Alexandr Gladisev was assigned military observer on behalf of the Russian Federation.

Source: Republic of Moldova JCC Delegation

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