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Defense Minister Meets with Ambassadors of Neutral States to NATO

CHISINAU, October 1, 2012 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta met with a group of neutral states to NATO, that are currently in a work visit to the Republic of Moldova.

During the event, the ambassadors of Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland and Sweden, members of the Western European Partners (WEP5) Group, informed the Moldovan Minister of Defense about the experience of neutrality status of countries they represent and the issues of cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

According to Ambassador Karl Scramek, Head of Austrian Mission to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization provides the neutral states a wide variety of possibilities of building interoperability, developing capabilities and contributing troops to NATO-led missions. “The cooperation of neutral states with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a great advantage for the nations of these countries”, Ambassador Karl Scramek specified.

In his turn, Vitalie Marinuta stated that the cooperation experience of the five neutral states with NATO is a very important experience for the Republic of Moldova that should be taken over by our country following the national legislation items.

Karl Scramek, Nilkka Henonen, Veronika Wand-Danielsson, Bénédict De Serjat and Shane O’Neill, Ambassadors of Austria, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Ireland to NATO are visiting the Republic of Moldova during September 30 — October 2.

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