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Qualification course “Special Forces” in the National Army (photo, video)


Chisinau, 16 November 2012 — At the Bulboaca Military Training Base takes place the qualification course “Special Forces” for the military personnel opting for the military service in Fulger Special Forces Battalion of the National Army.

According to the commander of Fulger Special Forces Battalion, lieutenant-colonel Radu Burduja, 24 candidates have registered at the 2012 edition, selected on a voluntary basis and fulfilling all the conditions required by the program.

The qualification course “Special Forces”, consists of four stages, it started in September, and has been conducted during 12 weeks. The military are trained in special tactics, military topography, physical training and planning processes. At the same time, participants learn advanced shooting techniques, being trained and certificated as military paratroopers. The course includes the execution of a complex series of exercises specific to Special Forces missions such as: alpine preparation, forcing water courses, survival in severe conditions and military medical training.

The commander of “Fulger” Special Forces Battalion, lieutenant-colonel Radu Burduja has mentioned that 15 military have remained in the competition at the last stage. The candidates are subjected to considerable physical and mental stress, sleepless with limited food supplies (according to the Regulation of Special Forces Course), executing missions during 24 hours. The trainings and the tests are monitored by instructors who graduated special courses “Ranger” and “Special Forces” in the U.S.A.

The qualification course “Special Forces” is at the second edition. In 2011, nine military from Fulger Special Forces Battalion of the National Army obtained the badge “Special Forces” and “Green Beret”.

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