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More "Green Berets" in the National Army

Chisinau, November 22nd , 2012 — the Chief of Main Staff, National Army Commander, Brigadier General Vitalie Stoian handed today, November 22nd , the graduation diploma, “Special Forces” badge and “Green Beret” to graduates of “Special Forces” qualification course.

The National Army Commander congratulated the 15 graduates, saying that he is pleased with their results, but in the same context, he called for continuous improvement. “You come into these elite troops showing that you are well trained and I have confidence that you will represent our country with honor wherever you are posted, including operations theatres. I admire your courage, strength and dedication that you proved during training, but I urge for further training, to be in step with the demands of the age in which we live, ” said General Stoian during the ceremony.

According to Special Destination Battalion Commander, lieutenant colonel Radu Burduja, the “Special Forces” qualification course lasted 12 weeks and consisted of four stages. Military were trained in special tactics, military topography, physical preparation, planning processes. The course included the execution of a complex series of exercises specific to Special Forces missions, such as alpine training, forcing water courses, survival in severe conditions and military medical training. Training and testing were monitored by instructors who graduated from special courses such as “Ranger” and “Special Forces” in the U.S.

Burduja specified that for seven weeks, the staff has undergone considerable physical and mental stress, sleepless nights with limited foodstuffs (in accordance with the regulation of the Special Forces course) being involved in carrying out the tasks 24 of 24 hours.

To qualify for participation in the “Special Forces” course this year were selected on a voluntary basis 24 military of the National Army by contract, but only 15 have reached the end. These military will be appointed within the Special Destination Battalion “Fulger” and are considered members of Special Operations Forces. Those who have completed this course receive an increase in salary compared to other National Army military. Furthermore, these military have privileges at retirement age.

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