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New Romanian Defense Attaché to Republic of Moldova

CHISINAU, April 8, 2013 — Acting Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta met with the Ambassador of Romania to Republic of Moldova, Marius Lazurca, who presented Colonel Dumitru Neacsu upon his accreditation as Romanian defense attaché to Moldova.

Vitalie Marinuta congratulated the new attaché on the assignment and expressed his hope that the official would contribute to the enhancement of the Moldovan-Romanian relationship and support the implementation of some new defense projects. “On my behalf and on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, I would like to thank the Government of Romania and the Ministry of National Defense for the support provided to Republic of Moldova in training our military staff in Romanian educational institutions, as well as for the expertise in the National Army reform process through a number of projects carried out by international organizations, to which Romania has a significant contribution”, Minister Vitalie Marinuta said.

In his turn, Ambassador Marius Lazurca said that Romania would keep supporting the defense and security reform process. “I hope that we will improve the cooperation relationship between our countries’ defense institutions. I would also like to say that, through the Ministry of National Defense, Romania will keep providing expertise to your country in compliance with the needs of the Moldovan Ministry of Defense”, the Ambassador of Romania said.

Col. Dumitru Neacsu said that being a defense attaché to Republic of Moldova is an honor for him. The official assured the Moldovan Defense Minister that he would continue supporting the Moldovan-Romanian bilateral cooperation activities throughout his tenure.

The new defense attaché of Romania to Republic of Moldova is 49 years old. He is married and has two children.

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