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New Concept of Armed Forces Reserve Training

Chisinau, April 10, 2013 — The Ministry of Defense will revise the Armed Forces reserve training process, the acting Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta said in a meeting with chairs of military departments of civilian universities and leaders of the National Army Main Staff.

Vitalie Marinuta said that, over the last years, the National Army underwent advanced reforms. This fact requires a new concept of military reserve training to meet the defense institution needs.

Minister of Defense said the decision is also based on a few inspections conducted by the General Inspection Department at military departments of civilian educational institutions within December 2012 — January 2013. In the course of graduates’ evaluation inspectors discovered a few gaps.

According to Col. Victor Pirtina, Deputy Head of General Inspection Department, the inspection results showed that some personnel offered students the answers to their test questions, which put under question mark the level of their knowledge and training.

Col. Pirtina pointed out that students did not learn conventional signs, tactical problems, did not know the legislation in force on Armed Forces reserve. Moreover, they took the Military Oath before the graduation exams, which violated Republic of Moldova Government Decision No. 587 as of 20.05.2003.

The heads of military departments stated that the Ministry of Defense’s decision to revise the training process is a necessary improvement, but this requires time and gradual fulfillment.

Republic of Moldova has 13 military departments in civilian educational institutions, training students in two four-month stages each. At the first stage, graduates are conferred the rank of “reserve sergeant”, while at the second stage they become “reserve lieutenants”.

Since 2002, when the first military department has been registered, over 54 thousand students completed the military training course.

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