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„Saber Guardian 13” Is Over

Chisinau, April 25, 2013 — Brigadier Gen. Vitalie Stoian, Chief of Main Staff, Commander of National Army, attended “Distinguished Visitors’ Day” within Exercise “Saber Guardian 13” held at Land Forces Combat Training Center, Cincu, Romania.

The event brought together representatives of ten participating countries, as well as defense attaches accredited to Bucharest.

Chief of Main Staff appreciated Moldovan servicemembers’ debut in this exercise. “The engagement of officers and NCOs from the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion in these trainings in Cincu is a great opportunity for us to train alongside with other troops and gather experience, which we hope to use in our future real missions”, Brigadier Gen. Stoian said.

“The exercise — organized jointly by Romania and USA — is held for the first time and is a computer-assisted exercise with virtual and real simulations, which we intend to continue, expand and make more diverse”, stated the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Land Forces Command, Major Gen. Mircea Savu.

Major Gen. James Boozer, Deputy Commanding General/Chief of Staff of U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR), pointed out that such a great exercise requires long processing, planning and team work. “Next year, we will train together in Bulgaria, and then in Ukraine. This is our view and goal. We shared our experience and, at the end, we worked as an entity. Cooperation and interoperability are very important. We fought together in Iraq and Afghanistan. This kind of exercise helps us have better capability to face further challenges”, Major Gen. James Boozer said.

The scenario of “Saber Guardian 13”, a large training exercise through simulated real and constructive situations, was based on peacekeeping tasks carried out in current operational environments. The exercise aims at enhancing interoperability of participating armies and extending regional security cooperation.

One of the peculiarities of “Saber Guardian 13” was the field tactical exercise which involved servicemembers of the 2nd Infantry Brigade “Rovine” and the 6th Special Operations Brigade “Mihai Viteazul” and aimed at validating the planning process and conduct of military operations.

“Saber Guardian 13” lasted two weeks and brought together about 300 servicemembers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the United States of America and Ukraine.

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