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Balti Hosts Moldovan-Ukrainian Exercise „Nord - 2013”

CHISINAU, July 8, 2013 —National Army and Ukrainian Army troops participate within July 8-11, at the Moldovan-Ukrainian peacekeeping exercise “Nord — 2013”, held at the Training Center of Moldova Brigade, Balti.

According to Col. Valeriu Chilaru, commander of exercise “Nord — 2013”, the goal of the event is to train military peacekeeping contingents, as well as exchange experience on how to train soldiers for joint missions in Joint Peacekeeping Forces.

Chilaru specified that, the National Army will deploy 40 soldiers of Moldova Brigade to this exercise. The Ukrainian troops will consist of 28 soldiers from Brigade 28, Cernomorskoe, Odessa.

Peacekeepers will execute about seven tactical peacekeeping missions on different training sites. Soldiers will carry out such missions as: medical evacuation, patrol, convoy escort, guard of strategic sites and resistance in case of attack, as well as control at checkpoints.

The Peacekeeping exercise “Nord — 2013” is part of the bilateral cooperation plan signed by the Moldovan and Ukrainian Ministries of Defense last year.

Last time, such a bilateral exercise was held in 2007, at Bulboaca Military Training Ground, with the participation of soldiers from Brigade “Moldova”.

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