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Infrastructure of Bulboaca Military Training Ground To Be Renovated

CHISINAU, July 15, 2013 — Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta, along with the director of the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI), Michael Smith, and the US Ambassador to Republic of Moldova, His Excellency, William H. Moser, paid an official visit to Military Training Ground Bulboaca.

During the event, the officials discussed about the modernization of infrastructure of Bulboaca training ground and training of Moldovan servicemembers for participation in peacekeeping missions.

The Defense Minister spoke about the performance of National Army servicemembers in world peacekeeping operations and thanked the US Government for the money provided through GPOI. “Taking part in international missions is one of the National Army’s priorities. Moldovan military have always demonstrated professionalism in Iraq and African countries. We are grateful to our US partners for the grant of 1,6 million USD, provided for the modernization of the Military Training Ground Bulboaca. Due to this grant, our servicemembers will have all the necessary conditions for training and modernization of peacekeeping units”, Defense Minister, Vitalie Marinuta, said.

Director of GPOI, Michael Smith, stated that the army’s infrastructure is a core aspect of the professional training of Moldovan peacekeepers that will participate in international peacekeeping operations. “Republic of Moldova changed into a global security provider and the engagement of Moldovan servicemembers in the world peacekeeping efforts is very important for us”, the director of GPOI mentioned.

The official specified that the project will be implemented in the near future. The money will be invested in the development of the Moldovan military’s training for peacekeeping operations.

The US Ambassador to Chisinau, William H. Moser, stated that GPOI project is one of the variety of investments in the military sector of Republic of Moldova. “The strong cooperation between our Governments and militaries is clearly seen through the large amount of projects, mostly designed to insure the training of Moldovan servicemembers for UN-led peacekeeping missions. We believe in Republic of Moldova’s commitment to peacekeeping goals. We appreciate Republic of Moldova’s support in our global peacekeeping efforts”, US Ambassador to Chisinau said.

The financial resources provided by the US Government within GPOI will help the Moldovan army update the infrastructure of the Military Training Ground Bulboaca. Thus, National Army servicemembers will have the possibility to be trained in compliance with international standards.

During the event, the officials visited the military training sites, familiarized with the infrastructure and had a meeting with the Chief of National Army Main Staff.

In 2012, Republic of Moldova was accepted as partner within the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI). As a result, our country received a grant of 1,6 million USD. The money are meant for the development of training infrastructure of the National Army, which will provide Republic of Moldova the opportunity to participate in international operations.

GPOI is a U.S. Government-funded security assistance program intended to enhance international capacity to effectively conduct United Nations and regional peace operations.

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