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New Performance at „Rapid Trident 2013”

CHISINAU, July 18, 2013 — Moldovan servicemembers carried out tactical missions and stabilization operations and made parachute jumps during July 16-18, within the active phase of multinational exercise “Rapid Trident 2013”, held at the International Peacekeeping Center “Yavorov” from Lviv region, Ukraine.

The commander of the National Army contingent, Maj. Sergiu Cirimpei, said that Moldovan paratroopers jumped from MI-8 helicopter and C-160 aircraft flying at altitudes of 700 m and 3,500 m, using MC 5 parachute systems.

The head of the Ukrainian airborne contingent, LTC Andrei Zaharov, appreciated Moldovan servicemembers’ professionalism demonstrated during the multinational exercise. “It is already a tradition to train and make jumps together with Moldovan paratroopers. Moldovan military are well trained and have a large experience in this area, especially in using MC 5 parachute systems”, LTC Zaharov said.

At the same time, servicemembers of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion carried out command and control missions, convoy escort, patrol and other tasks.

Polish, Romanian, British and Ukrainian infantrymen and paratroopers revealed the importance of exchanging experience during such kind of multinational exercises, where international contingents have the possibility to familiarize with different kind of weapons, techniques of preventing a variety of unpredicted situations.

“Rapid Trident” brought together about 1300 servicemembers from 19 countries. National Army of Republic of Moldova deployed to this exercise over 60 servicemembers.

“Rapid Trident 2013”, conducted within July 8-19, is a Partnership for Peace multinational peacekeeping exercise. The National Army started participating at this event in 2007.

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