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Final Stage of Dangerous Pesticide and Chemicals Disposal Project

CHISINAU, July 9, 2013 — “The success of the pesticide and chemicals disposal project is based on the fruitful cooperation between Republic of Moldova, NATO and donor states. Together, we managed to save the environment from pollution and provide better living conditions to the Moldovan population, NATO Deputy Secretary General, Gabor Iklody, stated today, during the final stage of the NATO/PfP Project on dangerous pesticide and chemicals disposal in Republic of Moldova, held at the pesticide storehouse from Danceni, Ialoveni.

During the event, Gabor Iklody underlined how important the decrease of pesticide threat on human health and environment is. “This project, like the others, does not concern the military area, and demonstrates the good cooperation between Republic of Moldova and North-Atlantic Treaty Organization, for which people’s security is a priority”, the NATO official said.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta, appreciated the support provided to our country in this area and the beginning of the last phase of the project on evacuation and disposal of 1269 tons of pesticides stored in 15 storehouses from districts centers. “NATO partner and member counties will sponsor the project, which is estimated at about 2,2 million euros. The beginning of the pesticide disposal phase demonstrates the close non-military cooperation relationship between NATO and Republic of Moldova”, the Defense Minister stated.

Minister Marinuta referred to the National Army servicemembers’ contribution to collecting, packing and transportation of pesticides. “I would like to thank over 800 National Army servicemembers for active engagement in repacking about 3245 tons of wastage from over 420 dangerous zones. The National Army also contributed nearly 50 special technical means of transport to the previous works carried out within the project”, Vitalie Marinuta said.

The Minister of Defense specified that, in the final phase of the project, that will close in 2014, the Ministry of Defense will play the role of exporter of pesticide waste.

At the same time, 1466 tons of pesticides of the total amount of 3245 tons repacked pesticide, were evacuated and destroyed abroad, as part of other projects carried out by the Ministry of Environment.

NATO/PfP project on dangerous pesticide and chemicals disposal is implemented within the Agreement concluded by the Government and NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization (NAMSO) on dangerous pesticide and chemicals disposal in Republic of Moldova during 2013-2014, signed on June 22, 2011, in Brussels.

The project, launched in 2006, is supported by NATO/PfP Trust Fund and the contributing countries are: Moldova, Romania, Norway, Ireland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Luxemburg, Finland, Estonia, Bulgaria and Belgium.

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