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Moldovan Troops to Participate at Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo, Along with Italian Servicemembers (Photo,Video)

Chisinau, January 16, 2014 — “Italy appreciates the Moldovan servicemembers contribution to KFOR mission and hopes that Republic of Moldova will play an active role in the international peace and security, maintaining its neutrality status”, the Italian ambassador in Chisinau, Enrico Nunziata, stated. The official attended the signature of the Technical Agreement between the Defense Ministries of Republic of Moldova and Italy on the Logistics Supply of the National Army’s participation as part of the Italian Forces, within the Multinational Command Unit from Kosovo (KFOR), during the Joint Enterprise (JE) mission.

Deputy Minister of Defense, Igor Panfile, thanked the Italian ambassador for the commitment to provide logistics support to Moldovan troops within the International Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo. “The signature of the Technical Agreement certifies the deployment of the military contingent to Kosovo, consisting of 41 servicemembers of the National Army, trained in compliance with NATO standards”, Igor Panfile said.

The Technical Agreement, signed by the Deputy Chief of National Army Main Staff for Resource Management, Col. Andrei Sarban, and the Italian defense attaché accredited to the Republic of Moldova, based in Bucharest, Col. Giovanni Cazzorla, reveals the Italian supply of the Moldovan contingent with materials, equipment, accomodation, food and medical assistance in case of illness, accident or injury.

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova approved, on November 1, the deployment of a contingent of 41servicemembers to the international peacekeeping operation in Kosovo, as part of the Multinational Peacekeeping Force (KFOR).

The contingent of the Republic of Moldova will consist of a platoon of 33 servicemembers, that will carry out security, guard and patrol missions, a team of 7 EOD engineers, as well as a staff officer.

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