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National Army Servicemembers to Receive Houses

Chisinau, February 17, 2014 — The Ministry of Defense conducted today the opening ceremony of the pilot-project of public private partnership on the construction of houses for National Army servicemembers. According to the project, they will be built on the 61/1 Vasile Lupu Highway, Chisinau, covering the area of 1,2 434 ha, that belongs to the Ministry of Defense.

Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuta, stated that the project represents the effort of a team of experts from the Army, that have studied and analyzed, over the past two years, the possibilities of building houses for the military. At the end, “Alstconstruct” Company won the tender, where four enterprises participated. The winner will build 111 flats for the military covering an area of 5 200 square meters.

“This project will help us offer houses to 111 military families and renovate hostels and buildings, where the Ministry’s of Defense employees live today. Furthermore, we plan to build houses for the Ministry’s of Defense staff based on the mortgage rule. Thus, our servicemembers will have the possibility to buy flats at a lower price”, Vitalie Marinuta said.

Minister Marinuta specified that the Ministry of Defense had already created a special Commission that will supervise the implementation of the project.

The representative of “Alstconstruct” Ltd noted that the project, carried out along with the Ministry of Defense, is a success and assured that the houses will be built in compliance with to European Standards, as stated in the project.

The houses will be given for use 18 months after the company gets the construction permit. (at the end of 2015).

According to the real estate market transactions, the houses, that the private partner will forward to the Ministry of Defense , are estimated at over three million euro. The land on which these houses will be built costs about 1,68 million euro.

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