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National Army Contingent – One Month in KFOR Mission

Chisinau, April 9, 2014 — The Moldovan contingent, deployed to KFOR peacekeeping mission, carries out specific missions in the theater of operations.

According to the Commander of the National Army contingent in KFOR mission, LTC Roman Ceban, in one month, Moldovan peacekeepers watched over 24/7 the military ground “Camp Vilaggio Italia” from Pech, where the troops of the Multi National Force — West, including Italy, Slovenia and Austria, are stationed.

The quoted source specified that the EOD team of the Moldovan contingent learned, along with the servicemembers of other participating countries, procedures of detection, identification, transportation and disposal of unexploded ordnance. At the same time, the infantrymen participated at a 50-km forced march, conducted by the Danish contingent. They also took part in the competition for the best marksman, led by the German contingent in the mission. For the achieved performances, the Moldovan servicemembers were awarded with medals and diplomas.

LTC Ceban mentioned that, soon, the National Army contingent in KFOR Mission will carry out patrol and guard missions of the security facilities on the mission area, along with the Italian servicemembers. They will also train in maintaining combat readiness and carrying out quick response and crowd control missions, involving helicopters and other types of special equipment.

Republic of Moldova deployed a contingent of 41 servicemembers to KFOR mission from Kosovo consisting of 33 soldiers from the infantry unit, 7 EOD engineers and a staff officer. The Moldovan servicemembers joined KFOR mission on March 8.

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