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“Dacia” Brigade Troops Carry Out Demonstration Exercises

Chisinau, April 30, 2014 — The servicemembers of “Dacia” Brigade from Cahul carried out yesterday demonstration exercises at the Training Center of the military unit.

According to Cpt. Ion Baicu, Chief of Main Staff of the Infantry Battalion within the brigade, the two-week exercises included the preparation of military equipment and vehicles of the infantry company, personnel combat readiness training and shooting drills.

Defense Minister, Valeriu Troenco, appreciated the results of the military exercise. “It is important that the military equipment and vehicles is in good condition, the armament and the equipment meets the standards and the and the preparedness that the mechanics, commanders of the fighting machines and subdivisions commanders demonstrated today proves that the established task of the command has been fulfilled”, Valeriu Troenco said.

The goal of the event, conducted according to the combat readiness plan, was the evaluation of knowledge of the servicemembers and conscripts, with the help of the infantry company equipment and vehicles.

At the same time, the Minister of Defense awarded medals and diplomas to a group of servicemembers of the unit for achievements in service and good military discipline.

Valeriu Troenco checked the facilities of “Dacia” Brigade and familiarized with the training process and problems of Cahul military unit staff.

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