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Parliament Adopts, in Second Reading, a Draft Law on Amendments to some Legislative Acts

Chisinau, June 9, 2014 — The Moldovan Parliament adopted, in second reading, the draft law on amendments to some legislative acts, designed to improve servicemembers’ social condition.

Thus, according to the Law, servicemembers, both women and men, will have the right to parly paid parental leave, to take care of the child until the age of three, of a sick child — until the age of seven and of a disabled child — until 16 years old.

At the same time, the Law highlights the right to be on the maternity leave for contract-based servicewomen and servicemen’s wives.

Th allowances for the above leaves, including for servicemen’s wives, will be calculated according to the same procedure as the insured persons. Thus, for example, the allowance for the child care until the age of three will cover 30% of the servicemember’s monthly salary.

The allowances will be paid from the state budget, at the work place of the servicemembers. They will be established and paid for the event recorded since November 1, 2012, the date when the Constitutional Court Decision No.12 came into force.

Another improvement of the nominated law refers to the citizens that did their contract-based military service and includes, beginning with January 1, 1999, the non-contributory period of the military service in the period associated with the retirement contributions, if it’s not possible to establish a life pension for length of service. The costs related to retirement contributions for service length will be covered by the state budget.

It’s the first time when servicemembers gain such improvements to social insurance conditions.

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