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Veterans and servicemen

CHISINAU, March 01, 2011 - The National Army staff appreciates the brave actions of servicemen dead during the hard times for the Republic of Moldova, Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuta, stated Tuesday, March 1, during a meeting with the participants in the 1991-1992 war and widows of servicemen dead in the Dniester war.

On the eve of Memory Day officially marked March 2, the Minister of Defense decorated 25 veterans with the medal “Serve the Fatherland”. Widows of servicemen dead in war were offered money prizes from the extra-budget resources of the Ministry of Defense.

Vitalie Marinuta stated the money support is provided as a sign of gratitude towards all soldiers dead in battles who fulfilled their duty with honor. This is also a sign of appreciation of those who survived the armed conflict.

„The commemoration of soldiers dead in war is a sign of gratitude towards widows who lost their husband, as well as participants to survive the armed conflict. I assure you veterans and widows of those dead in battle would be always supported by the Ministry of Defense”, Vitalie Marinuta stated.

The National Army currently has 64 veterans of war to defend Republic of Moldova territorial integrity and independence.

Nearly 29 thousand citizens took part in the 1991-1992 war. 286 of them died and 284 are 1st, 2nd and 3rd group invalids.

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