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Ministry of Defense Renovates “Dacia” Brigade’s Barrack and Canteen (video)

 Chisinau, December 4, 2014 — Ministry of Defense renovated the canteen and the barrack of “Dacia” Brigade, in Cahul. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Defense Minister Valeriu Troenco, officers of the National Army command corps, representatives of the local public administration, conscripts and servicemembers of the unit.

Valeriu Troenco thanked the personnel engaged in planning and carrying out the renovation works. The Defense Minister stated that by renovating these facilities, the defense institution improved National Army soldiers’ living conditions.

According to Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, Head of Facilities Management Department, the renovation of the buildings was worth over three million MDL.

“The Ministry of Defense spent 2,5 million MDL to repair the roof, bathrooms, wastage systems, as well as purchase and install new windows and doors in the barrack”, Col. Ohladciuc said.

The Head of Facilities Management Department said that 800 thousand MDL, offered by the National Army Expert Training Center, were spent for the renovation of the canteen. The above unit staff renovated all the canteen rooms, the power, gas and water systems, as well as the heating system.

This year, the Ministry of Defense renovated facilities in “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade, in Chisinau, 1st independent infantry battalion of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces (PF), in Cocieri, inthe 4th Anti-Air Missile Regiment, and in “Moldova” Brigade, in Balti, the costs being estimated at nearly eight million MDL.

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