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Romanian President’s advisor visits Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, March 18, 2011 - Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta met Friday, October 19, with the Presidential Advisor on National Security of the Romanian Presidential Administration, Iulian Fota. The meeting was held at the Ministry’s of Defense headquarters.

The parties discussed about the current Moldovan-Romanian cooperation relations, mainly focusing on the regional security and defense area. The Minister of Defense spoke about last year achievements of the Ministry of Defense and the National Army priorities in the 2011 military reform.

„Despite the low defense budget, we will fulfill priorities of the military reform process, for this is an irreversible process”, the Minister of Defense specified. “The National Army strategic goals for the year of 2011 deal with the military reform implementation process and the endorsement of strategic documents such as the National Security Strategy and the National Military Strategy”.

Vitalie Marinuta appreciated the Romanian support of the Republic of Moldova defense area. Thus, the Minister of Defense pointed to the National Army staff possibilities to study in Romanian military educational institutions.

The Minister of Defense referred mainly to the sustainable settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. Vitalie Marinuta spoke about the Republic of Moldova Government’s position within the current peacekeeping operation, the decrease of military factor in the region and the beginning of negotiations on changing it into a civil international mission.

The President’s advisor on National Security of the Romanian Presidential Administration appreciated the democratic process carried out in Moldova. Iulian Fota claimed about the intention of Romania to support Chisinau authorities to settle the Transnistrian conflict in order to build stability and security in South-East Europe and Black Sea region.

„Republic of Moldova Government and the National Army may count on Romanian support. We are specially committed to Moldova and we are ready to support the National Army in the military reform process”, Iulian Fota said during the meeting with the Minister of Defense.

At the end of the meeting, the officials appreciated the opportunity to exchange opinions. They pledged for the further promotion of mutually beneficial bilateral affairs.

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