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Tiraspol unilateral actions advance

CHISINAU, March 25, 2011 - The weird reaction of Transnistrian delegation to key problems in the Security Zone puzzled our delegation within the Joint Control Board (JCB) during the meeting of March 24. The parties could not find any solution to the existent problem this time again for the Transnistrian delegation gave a few reasons to explain their illegal actions in the peacekeepers’ responsibility area.

According to the JCB members of our delegation, by decreasing peacekeepers’ influence, anti-constitutional structures are consolidated in the region. Unfortunately, other JCB actors involved in Transnistrian conflict settlement stand still, consolidating Tiraspol system.

The problem of consolidation of illegal checkpoints in the Security Zone puzzled the JCB members too. The members of Transnistrian delegation found an excuse saying they had informed the Joint Military Command about that. The Transnistrian representatives claimed for better working conditions for illegal structures so far. At the last meeting, they revealed their real intentions. The Transnistrian delegation stated they intended to install new illegal checkpoints in future which they will only inform JCB about, thus, violating JCB decisions and 1992 and 1998 agreements.

The parties also discussed about the illegal checkpoint from Zagornoe, replacing a Peacekeeping Joint Task Forces checkpoint. This time, the new checkpoint had a new name and this aroused the parties’ concern, for one more checkpoint could be installed in the neat future in the neighborhood. The members of our delegation fear about the possible connection of the new name of the checkpoint with the ferry Tiraspol administration intends to build in the Security Zone (not far from this checkpoint), as well as the memorial complex to be built under the Transnistrian MGB direction. The members of the delegation believe Tiraspol may worsen the situation in the Security Zone by doing that.

JCB members listened to the Transnistrian delegation ideas about the incident from Corjova, Dubasari. At the last meetings, our delegation submitted a document confirming territorial changes carried out before the 1992. This time, the idea of calling Corjova a mini-district of Dubasari Town was promoted even by JCB Deputy Chairperson on behalf of Russian Federation. Thus, the members of our delegation believe he encouraged the unilateral actions of Tiraspol administration.

During the meeting, the members of our delegation issued a few demands regarding transparency presence of military units in the Security Zone, food supply of Alexandru cel Bun High School from Tighina and other issues. See the full text below.

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