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Units of the 22nd Battalion Certified for International Peacekeeping Operations

CHISINAU, June 24, 2015 — An infantry company and an EOD group of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion were certified to participate in international peacekeeping operations.

The decision was taken by the group of international experts who evaluated the units in compliance with the Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC) as part of “Peace Shield 2015” exercise.

Aplicaţiile s-au desfăşurat, în perioada 16-19 iunie curent, la centrul de instruire a Brigăzii de infanterie motorizată “Moldova” din municipiul Bălţ.

The exercise was conducted within June 16-19, at the training center of “Moldova” Brigade from Balti.

According to Col. Andrei Sevcenco, Commander of the exercise, the participating servicemembers were qualified as “Combat Ready” after being evaluated by 10 national experts, and counseled by experts from Germany, France, Austria, Azerbaijan and Turkey on best practices in theaters of operations.

Col. Sevcenco also specified that the 130 National Army servicemembers carried out missions at various training sites: body search of civilians and search of the vehicles at checkpoints, ensuring security of strategic facilities, crowd control, convoy escort, as well as medical evacuation and first aid.

The OCC evaluation consists of two levels. At the first level, the servicemembers are tested by national observers and monitored by NATO experts. The second level represents the assessment of missions by NATO experts, being monitored by Moldovan officers.

The National Army joined the OCC in 2007. The Operational Capabilities Concept is a cooperation tool within the Partnership for Peace program designed to implement Western standards in the training and evaluation process of declared units. It gives Republic of Moldova the possibility to take part in multinational peacekeeping operations.

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