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“Dragoon Pioneer 2016” Starts in Negresti (video)

CHISINAU, May 5, 2016 — “Today, in the Republic of Moldova, the danger of unexploded ammunition dating back to World War II still exists. These words can be confirmed by the activity of National Army engineers, who are frequently called in by Moldovan citizens, in order to dispose of the ammunition found all over the country. Thus, only in the first three months of 2016, the EOD teams destroyed 112 explosive objects.” The statement was made by Commander of Land Force Command, Col. Mihail Buclis, at the opening ceremony of the exercise “Dragoon Pioneer 2016”, held at the Engineer Battalion from Negresti.

Col. Buclis thanked the US Government for the support through trainings for the National Army engineers, specifying that the National Army needs an engineer corps trained in compliance with the latest international practices. “The engineers’ training is in agreement with Moldova’s commitment within the external operations. I would like to mention that, starting with 2003, the Moldovan engineers had been part of the post-conflict operation in Iraq, where, for over five years, they destroyed 350 thousand explosive objects. Today, the Moldovan engineers are in Kosovo and, together with soldiers from other countries, are eliminating from the Kosovo territory the explosive objects dating back to the war period”, said the Commander of Land Force Command.

LTC Alexander Deraney, Commander of the Engineer Battalion of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment (USA) referred to the partnership between the Republic of Moldova and the USA that goes back over two decades and the experience of the engineers of the two armies gained during different international exercises and missions. “I know my soldiers will learn much from this experience. Side by side, we will be improving our ability to operate together, developing our junior leaders and strengthening the supporting partnership”, said LTC Alexander Deraney.

“Dragoon Pioneer 2016” exercise brings together National Army and US Army soldiers and is conducted in Moldova for the first time within May 3-20, 2016. The exercise will involve 198 soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the US Army and 165 soldiers of the Engineer Battalion, the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion, as well as from Brigades 1, 2, and 3 of the National Army.

“Dragoon Pioneer 2016” aims to insure the joint training of the EOD units and raise the level of interoperability between the two armies.

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