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National Army Service Members Pass Professional Skills Tests

CHISINAU, June 16, 2016 — Service members from the Ministry of Defense and its related institutions, General Staff and force commands were tested today on shooting instructions, by carrying out pistol shootings at the Central Sports Club of the Army. The test is part of the National Army combat readiness plan and is held within June 15-30, 2016.

According to Head of the National Army Physical Training and Sports Service, LTC Vasile Olednic, the military staff is tested on military-general training, specialty training, shooting and physical training.

The source specified that the theoretical stage of the test consists of subjects on general tactics, special tactics, shooting instructions, communication and informatics, medical training, and military regulations. The practical stage includes pistol shootings and physical training testing (men: 100 m distance run, pull-ups, crunches, 3,000 m distance run; women: 100 m distance run, crunches, 1,000 m distance run).

The National Army service members pass professional skills tests twice a year.

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