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National Army Hosts a Training Course for Snipers for the First Time (video)

 CHISINAU, July 13, 2016 — A group of service members from Special Forces Battalion “Fulger” (SFB) is participating in the sniper training course s within July 4-21, 2016, at the Military training center Danceni.

According to interim Commander of SFB, Maj. Veaceslav Balan, the course is organized for the first time in the National Army and aims to train the Special Forces service members on snipers’ techniques, procedures, and tactics regarding their engagement and role in combat.

The source specified that the course is attended by 15 Special Forces service members and comprises theoretical knowledge on sniper activities, practical exercises for developing attention, memory, and thinking, procedures of masking and movement on tactical field, field training exercises, and special shooting sessions using the scoped semi-automatic rifle (PSL).

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